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a r t i s t . p h o t o g r a p h e r

This years garden… (So far)

This years plant life in the garden & around the outside areas; 

These beauties were added to the front garden this year, as last years plants didn’t survive… Or at least I think they are done. Anyone out there know, if when your Hydrangea is just dried sticks, it can be revived?

I must say, I ABSOLUTELY adore Hydrangeas. They are indeed the best flowers! There are many planted in various parts of my outdoor space. Some have no blooms though… Specifically the back garden, those were planted last year as just wee babies, but are growing fiercely!


And this lavender, say what! Fantastic little purple pineapples, I’ve never seen anything quite like this before.


For good measure, some oh so wonderfully red Dahlias were added this year.


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Print Added & New Product

Rose has been added to the print line up!













Also there is a new product available; Carry-All Pouches! (Select print items available)

bird-skull-gxz-carry-all-pouches black-feather-n5o-carry-all-pouches nest-jsj-carry-all-pouches rose6732-carry-all-pouches







DESCRIPTION (Via Society6);
Organize your life with one of our Carry-All Pouches. Available in three sizes with wrap-around artwork, these pouches are perfect for carrying toiletries, art supplies and makeup-or fit an iPad in the large one. Comes with the ever-awesome YKK zipper, a strong canvas-like exterior, a 50/50 poly-cotton black interior lining and is machine washable. Carry on, carry on.


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One more for today; after battling the wind and sun, having a particular vision in mind, and failing to meet it… A photo of a rose.






There is simply the rose; it is perfect in every moment of its existence.
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Project Sphynx: Progress

Project Sphynx; Progress.

Laying some ink on the ole Sphynx; Always a tentative moment!

Rage, Rage…

Nothing new on the old creative front. Currently puddling and frustrated.














So I went and made this wee placeholder, after going to a friends cottage and messing about with the fire.

(I suppose this is actually something creative, ha!)

Project Sphynx: Part 1&2

Current project, Sphynx; Drawing for myself.



Napalm Vapes

Custom logo design for an up and coming company, Napalm Vapes. That I have been working on, from start to finish.

These fine folks allowed me to have free reign over their design and I couldn’t be more proud of the outcome. And to say I am blown away by their response to the final product, would be an understatement!

Total time taken, {from initial sketch Nov. 2015, to completion Jan.2016} approx 4+ hours. Created on Strathmore™ 400 Series 80lb (130g) acid free drawing paper, with Faber-Castell 9000 design H pencil and Pigma MICRON™ archival ink pens.

If you are looking for design work, for yourself or a start up. Please don’t hesitate to drop me a line and we’ll see what we can come up with :]


I LOVE it!!!!!!!! U rock lady!!!! U r AMAZING!!!!” Trish Thompson

Trish Thompson
About Trish Thompson

Owner, Napalm Vapes


Tarah & Perry

I had the pleasure of making some maternity photos, for my dear friends Tarah & Perry, this past Summer. The weather wasn’t exactly cooperative and we were certainly cutting it close with the birth rapidly approaching. But in the end everything turned out great!

These are just some of the resulting photos, a few of our favourites.

Hanging on to the darkness

Hanging on to the darkness.


Hanging on to the darkness; New print.

All that which we cling to, the darkness. Sometimes letting go just isn’t an option.

Prints now available at the Society6 store.

Skulls &… Death & Life: The Ampersand Project


Remember that little project I signed up for? (Ref: This post) Well, it has been completed, and mailed off to the Brooklyn Art Library! Hopefully they have received it by now; and are in the process of setting up the swap and digitizing everyone’s wee gessobord™ works of art.

I cannot wait to see what artwork I shall receive, as well as being able to view the rest of the participants works. This really was a fun project to work on and I look forward to the next one!

Skulls &… Death & Life:


The Ampersand Project


The newest project from Art House Co-op; A fun art swap!
You create a work of art under the given theme; this one being the Ampersand.
Mail it off, and then receive another artists creative work in return. It’s like pen pals for artists at the random. Pretty neat I think

Processed with VSCOcam with se1 preset

And today it has arrived! My ampersand project kit from the Art House Co-op. I can’t wait to get started on this little gem of a gessobord™.

If you haven’t signed up yet, you should! It’s going to be fantastically fun! Get yourselves over to the sign up page, found below;


And then get creative! ;]

Bird Skull

Bird Skull


Bird Skull. //Art Print.

“Even death is not to be feared by one who has lived wisely.”

~Jack Kornfield.

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Ink361: Fine Art prints from your Instagrams

Looking for a fabulous way to physically adorn your walls and albums with your Instagram photos? A way to keep those memories for a lifetime? Want high quality to boot!? Well then look no further; From framed photo prints to iPhone cases, and more, Ink361 is the place to go!

Printed on Kodak Endura professional photo paper, your Instagrams will stand out with rich vibrant colour, ready to be framed.

With your choice of either;

Semi-Gloss paper, which is a traditional photo paper with a satiny finish, offering enhanced colour and beauty. Semi-gloss works well for all photo types.
Metallic paper, which is a very high-gloss paper and works well for photos with high contrast or pops of bright colour. It is not recommended for portraits.

Available in a Variety of Sizes: From 4×4 up to 12×12 inch, the square print sizes to complement your Instagram photos.

When selecting larger size prints, be sure that the quality of the Instagram photo is good. To do this, view the photo in slideshow mode and take a close look. Imperfections that are not obvious when viewing on a phone or small size onscreen, become visible in large size prints. If you are unsure, you can use our Upload feature to print the higher resolution photo.

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Society6 Store Promo

MPA Winners Circle



The Mobile Photo Awards winners have been announced; and yours truly has made the cut as an honourable mention in the People & Portraits category! It’s not first place, but! It does mean that my chosen photo will be on display during the premiere at the Soho Gallery for Digital Art. Pretty darn fantastic if you ask me! Really, I never imagined that I would make it at all, let alone be in the honourable mentions selection with all these fabulous photographers.

“The winner and first runner-up for each category will be printed and framed for the gallery tour and that every single honorable mention on the shortlists will be on display at the MPA premiere at the SOHO GALLERY FOR DIGITAL ART in NYC from February 22-28, 2013.  So that means that if you see your image here today you are PART OF THE SHOW!!”

[excerpt from: The MPA blog]



The chosen submission; Faceless: A Self Portrait

If one would like to attend the show or just curious about the venue, follow the link below to check out the location, space and events. Sadly I will not be able to be there in person, just in spirit. But I do hope that some of you are able to go and view all the fabulous work on display by fabulous photographers, in all the categories. There are many, not just this one I mention here! Such great work and truly, it is an honour to be included!

The Soho Gallery for Digital Art.

Queen of Hearts: A play by play

Queen of Hearts

Here’s a fun idea I had; How about I show the progress steps, a play-by-play, in the creation of Queen of Hearts! As I do tend to document and save images along the way when creating artworks. And I thought that maybe it would be of some interest to my fans and followers to see this progression. So here we have it, from start to finish, the work titled Queen of Hearts;

From pencil and paper…


To the scanner and Photoshop;


I hope you all enjoyed this look into how things progress around here, and I will more than likely be doing this again from time to time.

Feel free to leave feedback, comments and/or questions you may have, I will do my best to answer them!

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First Promo of 2013: FREE Shipping!



Hello everyone, it’s time for the first artist promotion of the year! Let’s get 2013 off and running with a bang! Use this link to the Society6 store in order to get FREE Shipping* worldwide; From now through to January 13th Midnight PST.


And just in case it has been forgotten…

If there is a work desired that is not available in the store; don’t hesitate to request it! I will do my very best to get it up and ready for you asap, as more likely than not, I do have the work in my archives.

In such instances that I may not have the item in question {a rarity I’m sure}, I will gladly work with you in order to find something else to your satisfaction, as there is lots to choose from!




*Offer excludes Framed Art Prints, Stretched Canvases and Throw Pillows with insert.

The New Year & New Prints

Happy New Year! Wow what a feat, we’ve made it to 2013! Crazy I tell you; I still remember the days when some of were just kids and thought by the time we got to these decades there would be hover cars or some such thing, Back to the Future {2} anyone? That’s what we thought anyway, but I suppose we still have a couple of years for that to happen eh? It was 2015 after all, ha…. Ah well since there aren’t any flying DeLoreans about, I bring you new photography prints to start the new year;

This Ship Is Sinking…

This Ship Is Sinking

And for the nature lovers;



Not entirely new, these ones. They’re from the archives, but newly published, never seen by anyone but myself. So new for all of you! I hope they’re enjoyed and that some of you will find them of interest to hang upon your walls.

To purchase prints, just head on over to the Society6 store and order to your hearts desire!

The Mobile Photo Awards 2012

It’s that time of year again, and once again I have entered… of course; The Mobile Photo Awards 2012!

About the Mobile Photo Awards 2012

The Mobile Photo Awards were founded to promote and harness the global phenomenon of mobile, or cell-phone, photography and art.  The awards are committed to presenting the art-form in galleries and exhibits.

The short-term goal of the Mobile Photo Awards is to celebrate the medium of mobile photography, the artists, the developers who create the applications and, of course, the beauty of the images. We believe that in order to bring the pictures into the public eye the medium must move beyond online photo sharing. While we are huge proponents of the online photo community we also feel that sometimes the images must be tactile, printed and framed, viewed on walls in a public space, and treated with the public respect accorded other art-forms. In order to achieve this goal, we have founded the Mobile Photo Awards in the hopes that the very best artists and images will be discovered in this manner.

The long-term goal of the Mobile Photo Awards is to continue hosting the annual awards, promote and produce gallery shows, and help raise the level public respect for our medium. We also aim to help educate and inform the art world that these images are remarkable and the tool used to create them is ultimately not as important as the images themselves.

Excerpt from their about information.

The prizes are nothing short of phenomenal!

$3000 for MPA Photographer of the year!

Winning images go on the MPA Gallery Tour, Fine Art Exhibits, OlloClip Lenses for all category winners, Canvas Pop gift cards, Postagram cards, HatchCraft Bamboo Frames and more!

Excerpt from the home page.

These are the three images that I have submitted, all taken and edited using my iPhone 4 and various apps.
From left to right; Faceless, Stanley and Inside The Gate

Faceless; Mobile Photo Awards 2012 Entry   Stanley; The Mobile Photo Awards 2012 Entry   Inside The Gate; Mobile Photo Awards 2012 Entry


Read all about it, and maybe even enter yourself?! {The deadline is December 15th 2012 so you may want to get on that quick!} @ The Mobile Photo Awards.

Wish me luck!


Here we go folks!! Brand spankin’ new venture is now live! A few pieces have been added so far, and more are on their way.

One stop shopping at Society6!

And as I said previously; if there is a piece you’re after and it’s not in the gallery, please don’t hesitate to let me know of the interest and I shall get it up there asap!

Big changes and New ventures:

Just a quick note to inform all of my lovely visitors;

All pricing for photographic and digital art works has been removed from the entire site, soon a new venue for purchasing works will be set up. I hope to have this up and running within the next few days, with only a select number of pieces added. Of course requests for older works that are not present in this new venture will be accepted and reviewed, as always the aim is to provide you all, the viewers, the choice and option ;]
Also, this new venue will be housing some new photographic works as well. The venture over to the mobile photography, iPhoneography if you will, has produced some fantastic pieces. And sharing them with you all is definitely coming!

This new venue will provide an easy one click to a gallery where one will be able to purchase directly, and not {hopefully} have any confusion as to how to go about gaining some fabulous artwork for your walls.

So stay tuned and watch this space, new things are a brewing!!

Below is a wee iPhoneography gallery via instagram & snapwidget:

International iPhoneography Show

International iPhoneography Show

Brought to you by FX Photo Studio & Mobitog – international iPhoneography Community.

New York, USA
Soho Gallery for Digital Art
December 16 – 22, 2011

What is this all about?

International Photography Show is about giving both pro and amateur photographers a chance to show their photos at the International Photography Exhibition, which takes place several times a year in different parts of the World. Next exhibition will take place in New York, in Soho Gallery for Digital Arts, in December 16-22, 2011.

My photo submission has been published on the International iPhoneography Show website!! I am so absolutely thrilled to not just be a part of this great and fantastic venture, but also to be among the selected photographers chosen and displayed. What a great opportunity!

*Click through link to the post*

Please show your support and vote, via “liking” the post and/or sharing to Twitter, Facebook and Google+, every vote counts and puts me a step closer to the short list! And that would be just plain wonderful, really it would make my day if you all helped to get me there ;]

To read more about this awesome venture, head on over to the International iPhoneography Show‘s website, vote or even enter yourself. Remember there is no limit to the amount of images submitted, but there is a limit on time!

The Mobile Photo Awards 2011

Here is an awesome opportunity that I of course could not pass up, The Mobile Photography Awards;

About the Mobile Photo Awards

The Mobile Photo Awards were founded to promote and harness the global phenomenon of mobile, or cell-phone, photography and art.  The awards are committed to presenting the art-form in galleries and exhibits.

The MPAs are modeled after the International Photography Awards with multiple categories, notable judges and the goal of bringing exposure to the artists and the medium. We feel the IPA is the gold-standard of photography competitions and therefore we follow their lead in many ways.

Excerpt from their about information.

The prizes are nothing short of phenomenal!




Excerpt from the home page.

These are the three images that I have submitted, all taken and edited using my iPhone 4 and various apps.
From left to right; Curb Leaves, Ladybug and Are You Scared Yet?

Curb Leaves   Ladybug   Are You Scared Yet?


Read all about it, and maybe even enter yourself?! {The deadline is November 30th so you may want to get on that quick!} @ The Mobile Photo Awards.

Wish me luck!

My World: Instantly

May I present to you all, the first published book of photography; It’s wee, it’s cute, it’s definitely awesome and absolutely worth checking out!

My World: Instantly by Em Davidson
Once following through to the site one will find there are three options for purchase, which have been listed below;
Softcover: $30.00
Hardcover, Dust Jacket: $45.00
Hardcover, ImageWrap: $50.00
All options use premium lustre paper, giving a lovely smooth sheen to the books pages.

I do hope that you all enjoy looking through this little {at approx. 7 x 7 inches squared} wonder that I’ve produced. And of course there are plans to create future published works of photography, so please do show your support!

Please remember, all prices listed are in USD and exclude the added shipping costs.