Hey there great folks of the internet, art lovers and the like. Welcome to my little corner of the web, here is where one will find my works of art. Photography, digital and of course paintings. All created and published from Kingston, Ont. Canada, where I currently reside.

Instead of the usual this is who I am, this is what I am about …A question and answer type thing would be awesome to put here, an artists FAQ’s so to speak; Need a question answered? Curious about something I do, or don’t do? This is your chance! As well as adding some testimonials. Have something great to say? Want to see yourself quoted here? I would love to hear what you, the viewers, think! Heck if enough of you submit, I might just make a whole page just for testimonials, as well as strategically placing your quotes around the site.

Just send off an email using the contact form below with your questions/testimonials and I shall answer them and post here in hopefully a timely manner. Remember to keep it clean and inoffensive people!

In the meantime here are some little tidbits of information about each category found within this site:

Tools of the Trade:





  • Canon 70D [main]
  • Canon AV-1 film
  • iPhone Xs

Additional Software [manipulations]:

  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom


  • Photoshop
  • Lightroom

Materials [non digital]:

  • Pencils; Faber-Castell.
  • Pigma MICRON™ pens.
  • Various paper.






  • Stretched, pre-gessoed canvases.
  • Acrylic paints: Deserres, Daler~Rowney, Windsor & Newton.
  • Brushes: Royal, Dynasty, Windsor & Newton, Masters.




Contact Information:


Note the work {painting} you are interested in, then email via sales{at}emdavidson{dot}com with your information. Please include shipping address and the name of the work desired. Payments are sent to the afore mentioned address via Paypal. All other works, photography and digital can be purchased as prints via the shop {Society6}. Requests are more than welcome for prints that may not be in the shop but are visible here in the portfolio.

Commission inquiries and/or comments, as well as any event information/requests; should be sent to info{at}emdavidson{dot}com.

**At no time will your personal information be sold, shared, or knowingly released outside of your dealings with the artist, me, Em Davidson. Your personal information will only be used in the necessary business of your payments, shipping, and customer services.