The New Year & New Prints

Happy New Year! Wow what a feat, we’ve made it to 2013! Crazy I tell you; I still remember the days when some of were just kids and thought by the time we got to these decades there would be hover cars or some such thing, Back to the Future {2} anyone? That’s what we thought anyway, but I suppose we still have a couple of years for that to happen eh? It was 2015 after all, ha…. Ah well since there aren’t any flying DeLoreans about, I bring you new photography prints to start the new year;

This Ship Is Sinking…

This Ship Is Sinking

And for the nature lovers;



Not entirely new, these ones. They’re from the archives, but newly published, never seen by anyone but myself. So new for all of you! I hope they’re enjoyed and that some of you will find them of interest to hang upon your walls.

To purchase prints, just head on over to the Society6 store and order to your hearts desire!

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