Adventuring: An old barn exploration & Nature walk.

Went on a wee excursion through the neighbouring woods, on a mission to this old abandoned barn near by. Photos were made and some discoveries found;

There were quite a lot, and I mean A LOT, of spider nests on this walk. [It was hard to not make photos of all of them. ha!] Some were rather huge, like the size of my head really. Quite fascinating these nests are, you can see the layers upon layers in them. Very cool.

Inside the lower level, and somewhat safer area, some interesting things were found. And some not so interesting, translation, gross [People frequent this spot it looks like – um there is no washroom facilities, lets just put it that way…]. Top notch exploration.

The adventure ended when the heat started to get to be too much and the battery on the old Canon was running low. I think there will be more trips out there in the future, there’s always more to be found.


Post editing all done in Lightroom using VSCOfilm –  Film preset used; Agfa RSX 200, with some minor tweaking.

Afternoon walk

Mothers Day; This year was spent going on an afternoon walk with my son, to make photos and explore. A familiar spot that we frequent near by.

Down behind the neighbourhood library there is this very nice park, complete with a pond and a little creek. We spotted a few creatures, but only one felt like allowing a portrait; And these wee bugs, I suppose they posed a wee bit no?


What a neat little frog, isn’t he? [Guessing on the gender as I really have no idea].

As usual, all photos post edited in Lightroom using VSCOfilm presets and minor adjustments.


A break from the rain (Canon 70D)

For a minute or two, the rain stopped and the sun came out. And so the Canon 70D was picked up and some photography was made;



Part one: A chair study of sorts. I really love this cushion, originally it was meant for the couch, but somehow it ended up on this awesome old chair. The contrast is fantastic! (Don’t let the darkness fool you, it was indeed sunny out – Just a little shadow play)


Part two: A wee study of my daughters Sector9 longboard. I’ve always enjoyed the colour of this things wheels, and even now still when they’re well used.

*Post editing was minor; Lightroom to fix the levels a tad using VSCOfilm, and a little crop here and there.