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Brian’s Record Option

The other day we took a trip to Brian’s Record Option, the local vinyl emporium downtown. The SO was looking for something in particular, and well, this is the place to go. If Brian doesn’t have it, then I suppose no one does! Ha. In all seriousness though, he certainly has just about everything one could be after, in impeccable condition as well. It’s all guaranteed too.

This is just a wee peek into the sea of vinyl at Brian’s. A little precarious, a lot to look at, and fab conversation.

A couple black and white shots of Brian’s wonderful shop and soul.

He told me a rather amusing story during our visit, of an Italian tourist couple that visited him once; The wife wanted a photo with him, and while the husband was getting himself situated with his camera, aiming, lining up his shot… His arm around her waist, and hers around his. Waiting. Focusing. Aiming. She proceeded to lower her hand further and further down his waist until… She grabbed his derrière! And click. HA! (Would love to see that snap! I would imagine it’s quite funny.)

You can see his smile through his eyes. Brian is truly unique, and it shows.

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